commitment (RSC)

From the outset Textilin has been committed to the community and its stakeholders, and actively engages in voluntary activities that help it to operate in an economic, social and environmentally sustainable manner. This can be seen in how it directly supports sports, culture and fashion, and its commitment to sustainability.

Some examples of this are its sports sponsorship, where it sponsors the CE.-Textilin handball team, the “Luis García Berlanga´s women´s footwear” literary competition, and the award for the “Best Footwear” in Spain.

Another essential element that forms part of Textilin´s DNA is its commitment to the environment. For this reason all the company´s stationery, samples, supports and stands etc. are made from recycled material, while the electrical wiring, lighting, plumbing, and air-conditioning have all been designed to save on natural resources and be cost-efficient.

Otro de los aspectos importantes que forman parte del adn de Textilin, es su compromiso
con el medioambiente.

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