Manolo Blahnik & Textilin

We want to highlight the work of the Spanish Manolo Blahnik born in island of la Palma (Canarias), and internationally recognized for his shoes known as “Manolos” creations that go beyond fashion to become art,
Their shoes are desired by celebrities from all over the world from Jackie Kennedy to Madonna,and as the well-known Sarah- Jessica Parker who just released his own line of shoes made ​​by the designer.
Blahnik is very perfectionist and knows that the high quality is a very important part in his designs, so, he personally selects the raw materials and choose wisely the auxiliary enterprises of the sector he wants to work with. Textilin is part of that prestigious list by providing the fabrics used in their designs.
Many times, our products have been part of the main covers of fashion thanks to the shoes created by Manolo Blahnik. His designs and our tissues reaches the foot of the most famous personalities in the world of culture, politics and high society. (Imagen Blahnik: AFP)