The Iconic Shoes of Cinema

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Judy Garland’s red shoes in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ (Victor Fleming, 1939)

It would be great if saying the words “There’s no place like home” and tapping your heels with your red sequined shoes were enough to get you home after a long journey.

The ballet shoes of The Red Shoes (Michael Powell, 1948)

The protagonist of this classic English film could not stop dancing in these red ballet shoes.

Catherine Deneuve’s Pilgrim in ‘Bella de día’ (Luis Buñuel, 1967)

This is one of Roger Vivier’s most emblematic designs, a pair of rectangular buckle shoes with a medium-thick heel that Catherine Deneuve made famous in ‘Bella de día’.

Las zapatillas Nike de Michael J. Fox en ‘Regreso al futuro 2’ (Robert Michael J. Fox’s Nike shoes in ‘Back to the Future 2’ (Robert Zemeckis, 1989)Zemeckis, 1989)

Slippers that tied themselves were one of the things that were happening in the distant future 2015. This year Nike has announced that it will release a model inspired by the ones worn by Marty McFly.

Las botas de charol de Julia Roberts en ‘Pretty Woman’ (Garry Marshall, Julia Roberts’ patent leather boots in ‘Pretty Woman’ (Garry Marshall, 1990)

A scandalous, above-the-knee patent leather boot for one of the most endearing prostitutes ever to come out of the cinema.

Tom Hanks’ Nike shoes in ‘Forrest Gump’ (Robert Zemeckis, 1994)

Tom Hanks’ character would not have travelled the same miles without the classic Nike ‘Cortez’ model.

Uma Thurman’s Asics shoe in ‘Kill Bill’ (Quentin Tarantino, 2003)

Tarantino dressed the new action heroine in a yellow tracksuit and sneakers, a look that will go down in the annals of film history and is a beautiful tribute to Bruce Lee.

Bill Murray’s Adidas shoes in ‘Life Aquatic’ (Wes Anderson, 2004)

Wes Anderson movies are always full of interesting sartorial objects. This time Bill Murray’s original look was completed by Zissou shoes from Adidas.

Kirsten Dunst’s Converse shoes in ‘Marie Antoinette’ (Sofia Coppola, 2006)

One of the coolest historical gadgets in the history of cinema, the lilac Converse shoes that were part of Marie Antoinette’s wardrobe.

The ”manolos” of Sarah Jessica Parker from ‘Sex and the City’ (Michael Patric King, 2008)

Carrie Bradshaw launched into stardom these super feminine and sophisticated shoes designed by Manolo Blahnik.

Lily James’ glass shoes in ‘Cinderella’ (Kenneth Branagh, 2015)

Cinderella’s glass shoe is a key part of the plot of this classic tale. And it has become one of the most versioned shoes in history.