From lavender to wheat: this is how Jacquemus fulfilled his social distance in his last parade

An infinite golden field is the bucolic print chosen by the French designer to present ‘L’Amour’, his spring-summer 2021 collection

Can a dreamlike atmosphere be created in this current scenario and by meeting the distances required? The answer is always yes when we talk about Jacquemus. For his spring-summer 2021 collection, the designer has chosen to make a regular presentation, which he has also transferred to nature. With one exception: if we still remember those delicate fields of lavender that were the protagonists of his spring show last year, in 2020 he replaces their lilac tone with the golden one of infinite fields of wheat about to be harvested. In the middle of them he has included a winding catwalk along which his models have paraded before the attentive gaze of an audience whose seats were at the side of the road, making room between the ears by means of wooden chairs and respecting the distance between each one of them.

The stage, of course, has delighted the guests, who could not avoid photographing this landscape. If the print was bucolic in itself, the couturier has also recreated curious scenes. For example, he has installed a bed in the middle of the field, as we could see in the photo published by Jeanne Damas in her Instagram profile. He also put up a large white frame that served as a perfect background to underline the idyllic character of the place where he presented the collection.

The backdrop had all the makings of a viral parade itself. Under the name of L’Amour, Simon Jacquemus presented a collection of visually pleasing colors that harmonized with the warmth of the wheat fields. White, earthy tones, yellow, a palette of ecru and beige and black dyed a proposal whose lines follow the silhouettes to which the designer has already accustomed us: dresses and blouses with asymmetrical knots, deep necklines, tops with cut-outs as sexy as delicate, fabrics ranging from linen to knit, prints like the checks…

Accessories once again play a fundamental role in this show: the creator proposes irresistible pieces in which he includes suede, canvas or leather and plays with everyday objects, such as plates. He also puts his Chiquito to the test, experimenting with different models, sizes and materials (including wicker) that are destined to become the industry’s next object of desire.

Love, Jacquemus wrote, has been precisely the driving force behind the collection. Above all, that of his team’s ability: “Not long after my team split up, we were all in our respective homes feeling the desire to work, and a new vision of the collection emerged. We became a human chain, executing with love every step of the creative process. In fact, every decision I make concerning Jacquemus is motivated first by love and then by common sense. This is what justified, he explained on Instagram, his decision to come down at a more sustainable pace this year, with two parades combining the female and male lines. “This decision ended up saving us this season, as we received all our fabric orders before the confinement. The decision to go ahead with our usual calendar and with the parade is at the heart of our visual identity and our commercial strategy. With this smaller collection, presented mainly to our family and friends, we bring out our inner worlds, interpreting the humble fabrics and objects we live with, which have their own poems to tell”.


Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite store in 2020 would be this shoe junkie corner

Sarah Jessica Parker is about to make one of the biggest dreams of the Sex and the City character come true

I’m sure that if the Carrie Bradshaw who conquered all fashion lovers from 1998 to 2004 knew that in the year 2020 she would be so close to her beloved Manolo Blahnik, she would not have believed it and would have written a column fantasizing about the remote possibility. But the truth is that, in addition to continuing to share the same looks, it seems that Sarah Jessica Parker and her character of ‘Sex and the City’ are also destined to fulfill the same dreams. Following in the footsteps of Carrie and her -conical- shoe addiction, the shoe firm the actress founded six years ago, SJP Collection, will open its first official store in the same place in Manhattan where designer Manolo Blahnik had his New York boutique -a place of worship where Carrie spent more time than at home. So, the reign of the fine-tipped, high-heeled salon continues!

Although the actress’ brand had a pop-up store and showroom, from next April it will have the spacious and luminous space that her signature jeweled buckle and sandal stilettos deserve. A universe filled with Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite satin heels? Yes, please! Best of all, the store, located in downtown Manhattan, will also feature the full line of SJP Collection accessories, ranging from handbags and sunglasses to cell phone cases, perfumes, candles, books or even beach towels. A 360 degree immersion in the world of Sarah Jessica Parker who, thanks to her impeccable taste in fashion and, above all, accessories, has become the style prescriber that her legendary character has always been.

Are you already thinking about planning a trip to New York with your friends? We confess that we are too. So point this direction, 31 West 54th Street, if you want to give free rein to nostalgia… and to the credit card – in the purest Carrie style. Sarah Jessica Parker has made it clear in her last post, everyone is welcome to her particular empire, “this store is a dream come true for #SJPCollection and we can’t wait to welcome our usual customers, open our doors to new ones and create a space where everyone is welcome”.



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