telas para marroquinería

Another important aspect that is part of our DNA is the commitment with the environment.

Since our inception we have always been committed to society and its stakeholders, contributing actively and voluntarily to social, economic and environmental improvement. Proof of this has been our direct support for sport, culture, fashion… And our commitment to sustainability.

Examples of this are the sports sponsorship of the CE-Textilin Handball team, the Literary Competition on “Luis García Berlanga women’s footwear” or the award for the “best road” in Spain.

The stationery, sample book, supports… that we use are made of recycled material.

Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, is the way in which companies conduct business, characterized by taking into account the impact that all their activities generate on their customers, employees, shareholders, local communities, the environment and society in general. This implies mandatory compliance with national and international legislation in the social, labour, environmental and human rights fields, as well as any other voluntary action that the company may wish to take to improve the quality of life of its employees, the communities in which it operates and society as a whole.

  • CSR includes compliance with the national legislation in force and, especially, with the international standards in force.
  • CSR is global in nature, i.e. it affects all the business areas of the company and its subsidiaries, as well as all the geographical areas in which they operate.
  • CSR entails objective ethical commitments which thus become an obligation for those who make them.
  • CSR is manifested in the impacts generated by business activity in the social, environmental and economic spheres.
  • CSR is aimed at satisfying and informing the expectations and needs of stakeholders.