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At these times when everything is being digitalized and relationships become impersonal, we seek to maintain close and personal contact with our customers, creating bonds, being with them, listening without rushing, giving them the attention and treatment they deserve. We return to slow and sustainable fashion where quality comes before quantity.

In Textil-In we emphasize the importance of selling with honesty, producing consciously and circularly, inspired by nature, a closed flow where there is no waste.

It was in the year 2000 when we obtained the BVQI ISO 9001 certification thanks to our commitment to quality, thus being able to optimize management and respond to the demands of the market and our tradition; as well as to guarantee quality in the production processes.

Our experience is the essence of our knowledge.

Our mission is to guess in what direction the trends are moving and to transmit them in our collections.

"You have to know in order to innovate and this is achieved by connecting with knowledge."


Our vision and inspiration is born from the search for the union of quality, experience, innovation and without leaving aside sustainability.

Our fabrics unite that tradition which we consider indispensable. We return to elementary fabrics such as hemp, cotton, linen… sustainable fabrics to which our Earth gives life.

The creation of our sample collections is always preceded by analysis and research into the latest trends.

And if we wanted to find out where all that inspiration, that research, comes from today, we could support ourselves and quote fashion expert Lidewij Edelkoort: “I have the feeling that the more you travel to the past, the more you travel to the future”.

We believe in the analogical, the classical and the elementary. For a century we have been living in Textil-In around the textile industry, generating vanguard, promoting the supply and production of proximity, of quick response… giving always more importance to the quality than to the quantity.

To innovate is to contradict oneself, it is to break with the structures that we ourselves created, it is to break into what is known and open the doors to creation.

We maintain our commitment to our clients and society, providing a fast and personalised response to demands and needs.

And both now and in the past our greatest responsibility is to the environment.

In Textil-in we create fabrics with soul and durability.

We are passionate about fabrics and our work.



We want to share with you a little bit of our history, and when we say “our” we also mean the history of Spain. Wars, dictatorships, freedoms, industrialization, the golden 80s, with the Madrid movement, crises and rebirths have all passed.

Today Textil-In is still standing, strengthening the local industry, what has been done in Spain, the handmade fabrics.

Everything goes back to 1886, yes, four generations ago, when Don Joaquin Planelles Ripoll started to work the fabrics. His wife Milagros took over when Don Joaquin died and his sons Agustin and Eduardo continued the legacy.

It is Don Eduardo Planelles who maintains the shop in Elda for Detail fabrics and who, in turn, passes the baton to his son Joaquín Planelles Guarinos. It was he who founded Textil-In and industrialized it in 1979. Creator of the logo that continues to accompany us, artist and avant-garde.

From the change towards the industry is when everything begins to grow, more international fairs, exportation, clients of great renown and it is until today that the tradition and quality continues from the hands of Joaquin Planelles Rico, son of Don Joaquin.

Anyway, we don’t want to make you dizzy with names anymore, but this is how we can give you a brief summary of these years, centuries and changes.

We have textile tradition, art and fashion in our blood.

We carry in our blood fabric, art and fashion.




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