Story mfg, the sustainable fashion brand that has made Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber fall in love


This is the sustainable fashion brand that will set the trend in the post-pandemic world

Will we emerge from the pandemic as a more responsible consumer society? If we look at the popularity of the sustainable fashion brand Story mfg. which is growing all the time, it seems that we will. The unisex firm, founded in 2013 by Saeed and Katy Al-Bubeyi (former WGSN trend analyst) has seen sales of its famous tie-dye shirts and hand embroidered dresses increase by 200% since the confinement began last March in the UK, which according to the designers represents a clear change in consumer mentality.

These are not bad figures for a brand that began as a secondary project for its founders, interested from the beginning in incorporating environmentally friendly practices and a clear social vocation in its business model. “There is a certain interest on the part of people in these types of practices, linked to sustainability and being more in tune with nature,” Saeed tells us. In fact, the brand name itself, Story mfg. represents the founders’ desire to tell a story (Story) through their garments, in which “mfg.” refers to the manufacturing process of the garments.

Courtesy of Story mfg.

“We are very interested in how we produce our designs and the whole team of people behind them,” says Katy. Story mfg.’s clothes are made by hand in India and Thailand, using natural, organic fabrics, which has attracted the attention of celebrities like Gigi Hadid or Hailey Bieber.

Below, we bring you an interview with Saeed and Katy Al-Bubeyi where the designers tell us what sustainable practices have the potential to change the world of fashion as we know it.

Courtesy of Story mfg.

How did Story mfg. come about?

Katy: When we started, we didn’t even have the intention of establishing ourselves as a brand because we didn’t have any. I was analyzing and predicting trends on WGSN and I realized that there were a lot of fabrics, yarn types and sustainable ideas that never made it into the stores, so we thought we would do it ourselves. Story mfg. was born as a side project for both of us. We never imagined that we would end up founding a brand and designing entire collections.

What are these sustainable ideas you’ve put into practice?

Saeed: To start with, we make sure that the people who work with us can have decent living conditions, that they are paid a decent salary and that there is a good working environment. With regard to sustainability, we make sure that the whole process has a positive sustainable impact. We use natural dyes to take care of the environment and the fabrics and types of cotton we select are always biodegradable.

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